Body Parts
20 2 月 2023

These pieces are titled “Body Parts.” We are in an age of cult health, with images of Greek mythological bodies flooding social media. Induced by the reward mechanism, the enemy of today is no longer “the other,” but rather the divided inner self. We actively fight against ourselves, attempting to outdo and simultaneously annihilate ourselves. Similar to Prometheus’s body where the liver is constantly being consumed and repaired. My inspiration comes from Byung-Chul Han’s The Burnout Society and also from my visit to the Parthenon at the British Museum. When God is dead, life becomes the subject of faith, hence I would like to present a body with a sense of eternity as it both creates and degrades.

作品名为《Body Parts》,我们处于一个狂热崇拜健康的时代,希腊神话般的身体图像充斥于社交媒体。在奖赏机制的诱导下,今天的敌人不再是他者,而是内在分裂的自己。我们积极地同自身作战,不断试图超越自己,同时自我毁灭。正如普罗米修斯的身体,不断被啄食肝脏,又不断重新愈合。这个想法来自韩炳哲的《倦怠社会》,也来自于我游览大英博物馆的希腊帕特农神庙展厅的启发。当上帝已死,生命便成为信仰,我用一种塑造与破坏并存的方式去呈现具有永恒感的身体。